Instructions for Filing with the Conservation Commission

  1. Request for Determination of Applicability with the Conservation Commission
  2. Notice of Intent with the Conservation Commission

Conservation Filing Fees 2021

Forms Required

Procedure for Filing

At the time of filing an applicant must submit the following to the commission*:

  • One original and two copies with electronic filing sent to of Request for Determination Form and plan (if applicable). Additional copies may be required if not filing electronically.
  • Check for filing fee payable to Town of Dover,
  • Abutters list from the most recent records of the Assessors Office and abutter notification, applicant is responsible for notifying abutters and provide proof of mailing.
  • Other forms as listed above.

*One complete copy must be sent to the DEP as instructed on WPA Form 1 (Instructions for filing)

A meeting date will be scheduled.

Consideration of the Request for Determination of Applicability

A site visit will be scheduled either before or after the meeting date.

The Commission will issue either a Positive or Negative Determination within 21 days of the filing. (A Positive Determination means a Notice of Intent is required for the project.)