All Committees, Boards, and Commissions

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  • Board of Appeals
    Get information about the Dover Board of Appeals.
  • Board of Assessors
    The Board of Assessors is responsible for determining the fair cash valuation of all real estate and personal property within the Town.
  • Board of Fire Engineers
    The Board of Fire Engineers oversees the operation of the Fire Department.
  • Tick Borne Disease Committee
    It is the mission of the Lyme Disease Committee to assess the impact of the Lyme Disease problem on Dover residents and its environment and to recommend remedies.
  • Board of Library Trustees
    The Board of Library Trustees responsibilities shall include, but shall not be limited to, the operation of the Dover Town Library
  • Board of Registrars
    Discover information about the Board of Registrars.
  • Capital Budget Committee
    The Capital Budget Committee’s function is to review, vet and recommend to the Board of Selectmen, Warrant Committee and town voters the annual capital budget.
  • Caryl Management Advisory Committee
    Discover information about the Caryl Management Advisory Committee.
  • Community Center Building Committee
    It is the mission of the Caryl Community Center Project Committee to produce facility options for town voters to choose whether to fully renovate and continue to provide community programs at Caryl or to build a new community center facility for that purpose.
  • Cemetery Commission
    The Cemetery Commission operates and maintains the Highland Cemetery.
  • Conservation Commission
    The Commission also oversees the management of more than 450 acres of town-owned conservation land in Dover.
  • Council on Aging (COA)
    The Dover Council on Aging coordinates and implements programs to meet the needs of the 60 and older population of Dover and their families.
  • Dover Cultural Council (DCC)
    The Dover Cultural Council annually awards several grants on a competitive basis to individuals and organizations who provide a variety of arts, humanities and other cultural benefits to the citizens of Dover
  • Dover Housing Partnership Committee (DHPC)
    The DHPC shall define “Affordable Housing” as any unit which complies with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Community Development’s definition of Affordable Housing.
  • Historical Commission
    It is the responsibility of the Historical Commission to preserve and protect the historical resources of the Town.
  • Long Range Planning Committee
    The Long Range Planning Committee works with other Dover Boards and Committees to support their long range planning activities .
  • Memorial Day Committee
    The Memorial Day Committee is responsible for all the arrangements associated with Dover’s Memorial Day exercises.
  • Moderator
    The Town Moderator presides over the Annual Town Meeting held on the first Monday in May, as well as any Special Town Meetings which are called.
  • Open Space Committee (OSC)
    The Open Space Committee (OSC) sponsors guided walks through Dover’s conservation lands and works with other organizations that promote open space and land conservation.
  • Park & Recreation Commission
    The Parks and Recreation Commission shall have jurisdiction over all park lands and public recreation programs within the Town.
  • Personnel Board
    It is the general purpose of and intent of the Personnel Board to establish, maintain, and administer a system of personnel administration based on merit principles that promotes a uniform, fair, and efficient application of personnel policies.
  • Planning Board
    The Planning Board is responsible for many things including zoning, review and approval of site plans, zoning bylaws, and much more.
  • Recycling Committee
    The Dover Recycling Committee, manifesting the town’s concern to conserve our environment and local tax dollars.
  • School Committees
    The School Committees work with the Superintendent of Schools and school administration to oversee the operation and education program of Chickering School and the Dover-Sherborn Middle School and High School.
  • Technology Advisory Board
    The Technology Advisory Boards is appointed by the Board of Selectmen, the Technology Advisory Board (TAB) will address technology development within the Town and coordinate its actions with all independently elected Boards and Commissions .
  • Town Report Committee
    The Town Report Committee reviews and edits annual reports submitted by all Town Departments, Committees, Schools, etc.
  • Warrant Committee
    The Warrant Committee is the town’s finance committee.
  • BOH Water Resource Committee