2022 Town Meeting

Article 18 - Accessory Apartments

This article will not be moving forward.

Article 19 - Amendment to Floodplain District Bylaw

This article is an update to the existing Floodplain District Bylaw. The update encompasses updated definitions and map references as well as new required language in order for the town to remain in FEMA's Flood Insurance Rate Map program. Failure to adopt the updated language will result in residents being able to participate in the FIRM flood insurance program.

Article 20 - Acceptance of Trail Easements

The purpose of this article is to accept trail and bridle trail easements that were granted to the Town but never formally accepted at Town Meeting. Most of the easements were granted as conditions of subdivision approval to provide access or preserve portions of the Town's trail system. Accepting the easements allows the Town continued use of these trails. 

Article 21 - Modernization of the Table of Uses

The purpose of this article is to provide minor updates to the Table of Uses to better regulate commercial uses in Dover and restrict new uses not previously contemplated (e.g. short-term rental/AirBNB). The proposed provisions provide stronger oversight for new commercial uses in Dover's Village Center and address Short-Term Rentals which are not currently regulated.

Article 22 - Update to Definitions in the Zoning Bylaws

The purpose of this article is to provide definitions for terms that are commonly used in the Zoning Bylaws but not defined. A lack of definitions makes the bylaws much harder to enforce. By addition basic definitions for terms like streets, lots, nonconforming uses and structures, setbacks, buildings, driveways, subdivisions, the bylaw becomes much more enforceable and resilient to legal challenges. 

Article 23 - Update to Sign Bylaw

This article will not be moving forward. The changes sought can be addressed in the Planning Board's Rules and Regulations.