Is hunting allowed in Dover?

Dover’s by-laws, specifically C. 109, speak to hunting regulations within the Town of Dover.

No person shall fire or discharge any firearm within the limits of any park, playground or other public property, except with the consent of the Board of Selectmen, or hunt, trap, fire or discharge any firearm on any private property, except with the written consent, to be in the person’s possession, of the owner or legal occupant thereof.

This by-law serves to prohibit all hunting, regardless of the weapon used, on all public lands of the town. Conversely, it allows hunting only on private property provided, however, the person engaged in hunting has the written permission of the landowner or person in lawful control of the property on his/her person while so engaged.

Commonwealth Laws

In addition to local by-laws, Massachusetts has several statutes and regulations dealing with possession and carrying of firearms. Also on the books of the Commonwealth are a whole host of statutes and regulations that govern hunting in Massachusetts. Anyone, even with written permission, hunting upon private lands in Dover must also conform to the strict State laws and regulations addressing these issues.

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