Is there anything I need to do before I cut down trees on my property?

The Town does not have jurisdiction over trees on private property unless they are within a municipal right of way, public easement, or the buffer zone of wetlands or a perennial stream. Before removing trees residents are encouraged to first determine whether the tree(s) you wish to remove fall within one of the above-mentioned areas on your property or outside your properties boundaries. For the latter a survey of your property lines is encouraged. For additional guidance please reach out to one of the following town agencies:


If a tree is on the town’s right-of-way you must contact the  Tree Warden and/or the Planning Board if your street is a designated scenic road.


A plan to remove trees along a scenic road may require a Scenic Road Hearing before the Planning Board. Click here for a list of scenic roads in Dover:

The applicant must complete a Determination of Need for a Scenic Road Hearing form (PDF). The Planning Board office then determines whether the hearing is needed.


If a tree might be in a wetland, wetland buffer zone, or perennial stream, contact the Conservation Commission to determine any approvals needed. 

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1. Is there anything I need to do before I cut down trees on my property?
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