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The Open Space Committee (OSC) sponsors guided walks through Dover’s conservation lands and works with other organizations that promote open space and land conservation. The OSC identifies land that may be acquired for conservation, open space, recreation and related purposes and makes recommendations for its purchase. 

The OSC also identifies land that may be eligible for conservation restrictions or other open space preservation options. The OSC updates and revises the Open Space and Recreation Plan.

Dover Town Code Description of Responsibilities

There shall be an Open Space Committee consisting of 11 members. The Board of Selectmen shall appoint 9 members. Upon the expiration of terms of the members of the Open Space Committee in the first year after the effective date of this provision, the Board of Selectmen shall appoint 3 members for a 1-year term, 3 members for a 2-year term and 3 members for a 3-year term, and in every year thereafter, upon the expiration of the term of any member first appointed by the Board of Selectmen, shall appoint each such member for a term of 3 years. In addition, the Conservation Commission and the Planning Board shall each appoint 1 of their members to a 1-year term.

  1. In addition to such other powers and responsibilities as the Bylaws may provide and require, the Committee shall, from time to time, update and revise the text of the Open Space Plan for approval in accordance with the Massachusetts General Laws.
  2. The Committee shall have responsibility to identify land that may be acquired (through purchase, lease, grant, easement, statutory right of first refusal, or otherwise) for conservation, open space, recreation and related purposes and to make recommendations for its purchase. The Committee shall encourage philanthropy and private efforts.
  3. The Committee is authorized to administer, maintain, improve, protect, and otherwise manage Town-owned land and easements held for conservation, recreation and open space purposes, if requested by the Town Board or commission having control of the land. Any such request may be withdrawn or modified at any time. The requesting board or commission shall maintain oversight over the Committee’s activities with respect to such land or easement.

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