Stay Informed

8 Ways to Find Out What's Happening in Dover 

1. Emergency Notification 

Sign up for CodeRED- the Town's Emergency Notification System that makes phone calls in the event of an emergency or for sharing important information. All the calls you receive will have the caller ID of "Dover, MA" or "Dover Police Department".

2. Social Media

Follow the Town on our Main Facebook and Twitter Pages - a list of specific social media accounts are below.

3. Get Notified

Get a Text or Email for website additions by Specific departments of committees, including:

Agenda Postings

New Calendar Posts

• Town News Flash

4. Sign up for Town Emails

Sign up for town News and Alerts. Emails are sent 1-3 times a week for essential and timely information

5. Sign up for "Our Town" Monthly Newsletter

Sign up for Our Town Newsletter to receive monthly government news and events summaries. See past newsletter issues here. 

6. Calendars

View the Public Meeting Calendar to see when boards and committees meet. 

7. Watch Public Meetings Online

See video of public meetings and public hearings on demand on our YouTube Channel. 

8. News

View the News Flash Section of the Website. 

Social Media Pages by Department 

View our Social Media Policy

Police Department 

Facebook - @DoverMAPD

Twitter - @DoverMAPD

Instagram - @DoverMAPD

Dover Town Library 

Facebook - @dovertownlibrary

Twitter - @dtldoverma

Instagram - @dtldoverma

Parks and Recreation Department 

Facebook - @doverrecma

Twitter - @doverrecma

Instagram - @doverrecma