Water Restriction Bylaw 

At the May 2022 Town Meeting the residents of Dover voted to adopt a Water Restriction Bylaw. The Massachusetts Attorney General has reviewed and approved the new bylaw. It is now in effect. This covers all water sources in the Town including; Aquarian, Dover Municipal Water, and private wells.

Bylaw Purpose:

  • Defines applicability of bylaw - covers all Dover residents and businesses regardless of water source (well, Aquarion, other)
  • Defines who can declare a drought emergency - provides for more local control;
  • Defines communication methods for drought conservation and emergencies;
  • Defines “non-essential” water usage during drought conditions;
  • Creates an enforcement mechanism for compliance.

Water Restriction Bylaw Enforcement Policy Purpose:

On August 18, 2022, the Board of Selectmen approved the Water Restriction Bylaw Enforcement Policy, which ensures that the citizens of Dover are aware of the newly created Water Use Restrictions and assist in the reduction of water consumption during states of water conservation, drought, or water emergency. While this policy focuses on  education first to further the goals of water use reductions, the restrictions can be enforced through the enforcement section of the bylaw. Read the full policy here: Water Restriction Bylaw Enforcement Policy.