Will Dover plan to build more family affordable housing?

The Committee will actively work to review the Town’s zoning bylaws, in conjunction with the Planning Board and other town committees, to foster the development of affordable housing. The Committee should maintain effective communication with non-profit groups and individual townspeople for the purpose of developing and accomplishing its goals.

  • The Committee will study possible means of financing future senior and affordable housing development. Possible sources could include: 
    • Appropriation of Town funds
    • Grants from the federal and state agencies
    • Private contributions
    • Use of town-owned property
  • The Committee will actively give input to other Town task forces and committees involved in future land use, and assess the feasibility of affordable / elderly housing on the site.
  • The Committee will continue to educate themselves on State and Federal initiative program information: The Comprehensive Permit Process, and understand their charge from the Commonwealth.
  • The Committee will continue to increase public awareness on the need for affordable/elderly housing in Dover.
  • The Committee will discuss and review the process of proposal review currently in place. The review process needs to lend itself to a recommendation from the Committee on the project that can then be passed on to other boards and/or State funding agencies.
  • The Committee will update the Board of Selectmen at least twice a year with their progress.

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2. Will Dover plan to build more family affordable housing?