Filing Permits

Building, Wiring, Plumbing and Gas Permits must be stamped "paid" by the Treasurer’s office. If submitted by mail they are to be addressed to: 

Town of Dover
P.O. Box 250
Attn: Treasurer’s Office, Permit Application Enclosed
Dover, MA 02030

Do not address to the Building Department or the application will be returned. No application will be accepted without the Treasurer’s paid stamp and incomplete applications will be returned even if paid so be sure all information is provided on the application.

Information from the Wiring Inspector

Wiring inspections will be done Monday through Thursday. Requests for inspections should be left on the wiring inspector’s voicemail at 508-785-0032, ext. 245. Field inspections are usually scheduled for the afternoon.

Submit permit application and fee to the Treasurer’s office. If there is a question as to amount of fee, check with Building Department.

Filing with Building Permit

Please make sure that if the work is done in conjunction with a building permit that the building card is present on the job to be signed. Failure to do this may result in delays. Electricians must be present on final generator inspections. The generator must be ready to run and transfer must be witnessed.

Importance of Amp Service

Houses over 4,500 square feet must have at least 400 amp services. Please call before starting work on photovoltaic jobs. Most rooftop installations require a rack inspection before putting panels on.

State Board Requirement

The Massachusetts State Board of Electricians has ruled that all electrical work done to feed new and existing well pumps and controllers is to be performed by a licensed electrician and be permitted and inspected.