Mattresses & Box Springs

Recycle at the Transfer Station

Effective February 1, 2023 there is an increase in the recycling charge from $15 to $45 for each mattress (including memory foam) or box spring. The fee can be paid online or by check at the Transfer Station. The implementation of a fee results from a significant increase from the Town's vendor that picks up our drop-offs and the Town's policy to cover our costs on these items. A dedicated collection container is available on the lower level of the Transfer Station. Please see a Transfer Station attendant to arrange drop off. Mattresses are NOT to be left outside the trailer. 

Items that are not recyclable include mattresses that are severely damaged, wet, twisted, soiled or contaminated (e.g. bed bugs) and mattresses containing mechanical components.

Mattresses are made up almost entirely of recyclable materials. Once disassembled, more than 75 percent of mattress components can be recycled. At the same time, discarded mattresses and box springs can be notoriously difficult to manage. They are expensive to transport, take up a lot of space in landfills, are hard to compact, and can get caught in incinerator processing equipment.    

Recycle Elsewhere

If transportation to the transfer station is not convenient, residents can deliver mattresses, box springs, and metal bed frames to Conigliaro Industries at 36 Fountain Street, Framingham (508-532-1814 or 888-CONIG-25). There is a $30 per unit charge and they accept deliveries Monday-Friday 7 am - 4:30 pm. Contact them to verify current hours and cost. 

Residents can also contact non-profits, such as NewLIfe Furniture Bank in Walpole (, that accept metal frames, used mattresses and box springs in good condition and will pick-up at home.