Tree Preservation Committee

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Mission Statement

This committee will serve as a working group supporting the Planning Board on Tree Preservation education and bylaw needs in Dover.

The Tree Preservation Committee was established by vote of the Planning Board on November 21, 2022. 


This committee will have up to eight (8) members appointed by the Planning Board for a two-year term. The committee aims to have expert representation from land-management affiliated committees or boards, interested community residents, a high-school student, and an industry expert in tree management.

It will liaise with Town staff on an as-needed basis and will not be assigned administrative staff. It will also collaborate with outside consulting support when directed by the Planning Board. 

The committee will provide support to the Planning Board by performing research, drafting tree preservation bylaws, conducting community outreach, and developing community education programs. This committee will collaborate with other land-use-related boards on overlapping tree preservation concerns, and also ensure that resident voices are heard throughout the committee initiatives over two years. The committee will submit recommendations to the Planning Board for action related to educating the community and bylaw development.

This committee does not have a budget.



  • Valerie Lin, Chair
  • Janet Bowser
  • Jay Crocker
  • Shannon Crotty
  • Boynton Glidden
  • Angela Lin