2023 Town Meeting

Town Seal ImageDover's 2023 Annual Town Meeting was held 

Monday, May 1st, 2023 at 7:00 PM in the Mudge Auditorium, Dover Sherborn School District Campus, 9 Junction Street, Dover, MA

Dover 2023 Annual Town Meeting Results

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Warrant Committee Open Hearing 3/13/23 7:30 PM

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2023 Annual Town Meeting Articles

Article 1. Hear/Act on Committee Reports (Board of Selectmen)

Article 2. Establish Salaries for Elected Officials for FY2024 (Board of Selectmen)

Article 3. Authorize Amounts for Revolving Funds (Board of Selectmen)

Article 4. Appropriate the FY2024 Operating Budget (Board of Selectmen)

Article 5. Appropriate the FY2024 Capital Budget (Board of Selectmen)

Article 5: Dover Fire Department

Article 6. Appropriate for Dover-Sherborn Regional Schools Capital Expenses (Dover-Sherborn Regional School Committee)

FY24 Budget Presentation 3.13.23 Public Hearing

Article 7. Borrowing to Pay for Costs of Various Capital Items (Dover-Sherborn Regional School Committee)

FY24 Budget Presentation 3.13.23 Public Hearing

Article 8. Appropriate for Unemployment Compensation Fund (Board of Selectmen)

Article 9. Appropriate for Sick Leave for Retiring Police Officers (Board of Selectmen)

Article 10. Appropriate for Road Construction, Reconstruction and Improvements (Board of Selectmen)

Article 11. Appropriate to Conservation Fund (Conservation Commission)

Article 12. Appropriate for General Stabilization Fund (Board of Selectmen)

Article 13. Appropriate for Dover-Sherborn Regional Schools OPEB Stabilization Fund (Board of Selectmen)

Article 14. Appropriate for One-Time Projects (Board of Selectmen)

Article 15. Appropriate for Unpaid Bills of Prior Years (Warrant Committee)

Article 16. Supplemental Appropriations to Article 4 of the 2022 Annual Town Meeting (Warrant Committee)

Article 17. Appropriate for Community Center Recreation Items (Park and Recreation Commission)

Article 18. Amend Zoning Bylaws - Floodplain District (Planning Board)

Article 18: Floodplain Overlay District

Article 18:  Floodplain Presentation

Article 19. Amend Zoning Bylaws - Accessory Dwelling Units (Planning Board)

Article 19: FAQs

Article 19: Accessory Dwelling Units

Article 19: Accessory Dwelling Units Presentation

Article 20. Amend Wetlands Protection Bylaw (Conservation Commission)

Article 21. Amend General Bylaw - Appointment of Gas/Plumbing Inspector and Wiring Inspector (Board of Selectmen)

Article 22. Amend General Bylaw - Terms of Offices for Constables (Town Clerk)

Article 23. Eliminate General Bylaw - Finance Committee on Roads (Board of Selectmen)

Article 24. Eliminate General Bylaw - Tree Committee (Board of Selectmen)

Article 25. Amend General Bylaw - Committee Membership

Article 26. Increase Real Estate and MVE Demand Fee (Board of Selectmen)

Article 27. Amend General Bylaw - Long Range Planning Committee (Capital Budget Committee)

Article 28. Install Sidewalks on Cross Street (Citizens’ Petition)

Article 28 - Sidewalks on Cross Street - OH Presentation

Article 29. Transfer from Free Cash to Stabilize the Tax Rate (Board of Selectmen)

Article 30. Town Election