Raffle Permit

Obtain an application and notice of issuance form from the Town Clerk’s office.

Application for a Raffle Permit

Notice of Issuance

Returning Application

Application is then presented to the Chief of Police either by the applicant or Town Clerk for approval/signature. If presented by the applicant, the procedure is usually faster.

Application is returned to the Town Clerk for the issuance of the permit. Permits must be issued or denied within 30 days of application. The permit is valid for one year (an organization may conduct multiple raffles, or 2 bazaars).


Permits may be revoked if non-members promote the raffle, use of proceeds are not as stated in the application, payments are made for promotion of raffle, or facts on the application have changed without notice to the Clerk.


Renewal of permit is conditional upon timely receipt of the tax form filed with the state.

Annual Report for Raffle Permits