Winter Snow Shoveling

Winter weather can be a challenge for all of us, but our elderly neighbors have a particularly hard time during the snowy months. Most seniors have snow plowing services to take care of clearing their driveways, but there is more than just the driveway that needs clearing in order for a senior to leave the house safely. 

Snow shoveling assistance consists of shoveling walkways and steps, the ends of driveways, and in front of garage doors. It is also helpful to have a path cleared from the driveway to the oil tank intake valve so the oil company can replenish oil tanks on a timely basis. 

Get on the List

Snow shoveling volunteers need to be willing to help out whenever Mother Nature makes the need necessary. If you would like to add your name to the list of volunteers, please contact the Council on Aging. We try to connect volunteers with seniors in their neighborhood in order to simplify transportation logistics. 

This is another volunteer activity that has been claimed in the past by DSHS sports teams and National Honor Society students.