Blue Moon Bagel & Bread Donation

Every other Thursday, Blue Moon Bagel Café in Medfield donates their day old baked goods to the Dover Council on Aging (COA).

Pick Up

Blue Moon collects the baked goods into large plastic bags and paper boxes and leaves them just inside the back door for us to pick up. They are happy to have us pick up these items Wednesday evening after their 6:30 pm closing or Thursday morning after their 6:30 am opening. 

The bags can be heavy, so this task is best for able-bodied volunteers!


The baked goods arrive at the COA office some time before 9 am and need to be bagged into portions of three or four items per bag. Throughout the day on these special Thursdays, seniors are welcome to stop by the COA office and select a loaf of bread, a bag of bagels or a bag of muffins and Danishes. 

The bagging process takes two or three people thirty minutes.