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Post a Dover Meeting-Agenda

  1. Dover Town Clerk
    Fill out the agenda items and information below and/or upload your own Word document or PDF agenda with this form. (IT IS PREFERRED THAT YOU ATTACH YOUR OWN AGENDA.)Your meeting and/or agenda is not considered posted until time-stamped by the Town Clerk . Don’t forget to reserve a room for your meeting. Posting your meeting below does not reserve the room. You may have to contact either the Board of Selectmen’s office, COA, Building Maintenance, Highway or Parks and Recreation depending on which room you wish to have your meeting in . The 48 hour posting requirement for all governmental meetings and/or agendas does not include Saturdays, Sundays and/or holidays. To adhere to the 48 hour posting requirement for all governmental meetings and agendas the schedule below must be followed .
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  3. Fill in Date of meeting. For multiple meeting calendar postings (not agendas) you can add the dates in bulk to the next field of notes.
  4. If you are submitting multiple meeting POSTINGS ONLY or a recurring schedule, please input ALL dates carefully here. (Example: 07/14, 07/28, 08/14, 08/28, etc. until end of scheduled meetings to be placed on the Town Calendar.)
  5. Paste your Zoom meeting or special location instructions info here if applicable
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  8. You may upload an existing agenda document instead of filling out the fields below. If you upload your own agenda you do not need to fill out agenda items below. Your items will be used.
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    I have read the above Dover Official Meeting Agenda Posting Procedure on the Town website and understand the terms and am submitting this within those guidelines.
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