Meeting & Agenda Posting Procedure

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Meeting and Agenda Posting Requirements of Town of Dover Boards, Committees and Commissions

**You are required to read the guidelines and submission chart on this page BEFORE you submit an agenda, posting or meeting calendar event.**

Meeting Posting & Agenda Center 

In an effort to present documents online that are accessible and within ADA recommendations, we will no longer be posting the time-stamped agendas online. They are still available to you in the Town Clerk’s office at Town Hall during business hours or you may contact the Town Clerk and request the time-stamped version be emailed to you. Thank you for your patience as we work to ensure our website is accessible to everyone.
**Important to note-our new agenda center will display website time-stamps when the agendas are posted going forward. Agendas moved before website launch will have bulk posting dates. Click the agenda to view PAST agenda posting timestamps.**

Required Meeting Posting & Agenda Submission Guidelines

Please use the form below-it is preferred that you ATTACH your OWN agenda as a word or PDF document to the form. Your meeting and/or agenda is not considered posted until time-stamped by the Town Clerk . Don’t forget to reserve a room for your meeting. Posting your meeting below does not reserve the room. You may have to contact either the Board of Selectmen’s office, COA, Building Maintenance, Highway or Parks and Recreation depending on which room you wish to have your meeting in.

It is important to note that we are NO LONGER POSTING WRITTEN MEETING NOTICES/ANNOUNCEMENTS in the agenda locations. All meeting "notices" and or advance posting announcements will NOW be posted on the All Town Meeting Calendar that displays on the front page of the Town website. This calendar will serve as notice of upcoming meetings scheduled. The new Agenda Center will ONLY be displaying official Agendas & Minutes going forward. Please contact the Town Clerk with any questions.

The 48 hour posting requirement for all governmental meetings and/or agendas does not include Saturdays, Sundays and/or holidays. To adhere to the 48 hour posting requirement for all governmental meetings and agendas the schedule below must be followed.

Submit Your Agenda, Minutes or Meeting Posting

Dover Meeting Agenda Posting Schedule

MON AMPrevious Wednesday by 2:30pm
MON PMPrevious Thursday by 3:30pm
TUES AMPrevious Thursday by 3:30pm
TUES PMPrevious Friday by 12:30pm
WED AMPrevious Friday by 12:30pm
WED PMPrevious Monday by 2:30pm
THURS AMPrevious Monday by 2:30pm
THURS PMPrevious Tuesday by 3:30pm
FRI AMPrevious Tuesday by 3:30pm
FRI PMPrevious Wednesday by 2:30pm