Dover Housing Partnership Committee (DHPC)

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  • Mark Barnes, Member
  • William Forte, Jr., Member
  • Rick Henken, Member
  • Chris Jackman, Member
  • Norma Sullivan, Member
  • David Heinlein, Selectmen’s Liaison
  • Jane Remsen, Planning Board Liaison


The Dover Housing Partnership is appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The Dover Housing Committee (DHPC) seeks to promote and facilitate affordable housing in Dover. 

Affordable Housing

Our ultimate goal is to comply with current state law, which dictates that we have 10% of our housing stock designated as affordable. The DHPC shall define "Affordable Housing" as any unit which complies with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Community Development’s definition of Affordable Housing. Our first priority will be to satisfy the affordable housing needs of our senior citizens. Concurrently, we will seek to achieve our affordable housing goals as stated in our attached objectives.

Wherever possible, we will encourage small, 100% affordable projects through the commitment of town, charitable and volunteer resources. We shall seek to maintain Dover’s rural character, seek the input of our citizens and elected officials and help satisfy our affordable housing needs while maintaining sensitivity towards our drinking water supply and wetlands.

Working with the Board of Selectmen

The DHPC shall do all of the above under the authority granted to the DHPC by the Dover Board of Selectmen. We shall formally report to the Board of Selectmen twice a year and more frequently as circumstances dictate.

Working with the Historical Commission

Our responsibility is to work with the Massachusetts Historical Commission and the Town of Dover to identify, preserve and protect the historical resources of the Town, be they town records and documents or buildings and other structures. In addition, we are the body that administers the Dover Demolition Delay By-law, which was passed by Town Meeting in May 1996.